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These photos are from the Spring, but I never had a chance to post them.  Isn’t Hannah lovely?  Best of Luck in College!!!

Check out this super rad rodeo riding senior.  Seriously though, we were dealing with 5 horses and it was definitely an experience I have never had before.  I know nothing about horses, so I think I was talking to them like they were dogs…. luckily Cyd and family were patient with my lack of horse knowledge.  We had a blast and I have a new appreciation for these beautiful animals.  Cydney is pretty much famous in the rodeo riding world, (I am sure she will love that I said that:) and she got a scholarship for her amazing talents and is off to school soon.  Best of luck to you!!!!

Kristin is a pretty awesome chick.  She is not only beautiful, but quite the brains also.  (She’s heading to BYU in the fall….,  I feel like a proud mom bragging…:)  Hopefully she isn’t too scarred from the homeless watching her change, or the random strangers taking pictures, or the sound of a gun shot in the street ally. – Don’t worry, her mom was there and said it was no big deal and keep shooting (I mean taking photos…)  Thank you Kristin for the fun, and for being a huge part in helping my daughter make cheerleading.  Best of luck, go knock the world dead.